12 January 2009


I made pizza last night, from scratch. Actually, I started with the dough on Saturday afternoon, because Alton Brown said so!

After watching the above video and reading the recipe a few times, I felt ready to toss my own dough and create one of my favorite dishes (and, I'm assuming, Jacquie's absolute favorite). I even went as far as to go pick up a pizza stone ($10 at Target - will definitely replace it with something "nicer" in the future) and today I bought a pizza peel! Either way, Saturday afternoon, I quickly mixed up the ingredients in the stand mixer and let the dough hook do its magic for 15 or so minutes. Once it was finished, I could stretch the dough out to see the "window pane" and I was pretty amazed that I managed to get it that good my first time around.

Last night, it was time for the actual pizza baking (after letting the dough rise for the recommended 24 hours in a fridge). Unfortunately, I didn't have the pizza peel at this time, so I had to build the pizzas on a cutting board and one of them did tear just a little bit when I had to move it around...but the pizzas did come out really well. I topped them with some canned tomato sauce I happened to have in the fridge (nothing spectacular, I'll make my own next time), fresh basil, mozzarella cheese (whole, fresh) and nothing else. It was pretty delicious and I can't wait to do it again to introduce my pizza peel to my 500 degree oven!

No picture today, as I forgot to take one before it was too late and the pizzas were completely devoured. I might add one next time I do this :)


  1. Tjena Andreas.
    Det ser smarrigt ut. Jag snubblade över den här aptitförstärkaren och kom att tänka på dig:

    Hoppas allt är bra,

  2. Sounds yummmy! And well if Alton Brown says it, it is true and yummy, no debate there.

  3. I LOVE Alton's pizza dough recipe!! And most of the rest of what he suggests.