28 January 2009

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet. Gordon Ramsay shows us how to create the best scrambled eggs you've ever had. Enjoy.

And here's some I made a while back:


  1. And he didn't even swear!

    I knew it was possible to do great SE in 4 minutes, but I've been hearing reports of cooking the eggs for up to an hour on an ultra-low heat that put doubt in my mind. Definitely will be trying that this weekend.

    Thanks for the tips, both of you!

  2. Hmm, eggs over low heat for ages. Might work, but this is very good. I wish I had a gas stove (for easier temperature control) but just putting the burner on a while before starting to cook works.

  3. I thought I had posted already yesterday evening, but maybe I just drank more than what I thought.

    Well, pretty much I ssaid that I tried that recipe and it was great, and I'm not fan of scrambled eggs to begin with. I did it in a crappy electrical stove and still turned out rather nicely.

  4. Made it. Liked it. Differences: no fancy chives, no fancy crème fraiche, no fancy mushrooms. OK it wasn't the same at all. But the eggs cooked very well with that method, tasted great with butter, a little cream cheese on toasted hard bread rolls and the tomatoes on the vine worked well too.

  5. I made these eggs tonight! They were delicious, almost as good as the time you made it for me =)