02 January 2009

KitchenAid Stand Mixer and other Christmas Loot

Since the day that I first saw it, the KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head 5qt Stand Mixer has been on my mental wish list. A while back, I decided to also add it to my Amazon.com wishlist and - what do you know - Jacquie's parents decided that I should have one, so they got me one. Jacquie, for the record, is my loving girlfriend who loves my cooking almost as much as I love to cook. The box arrived a few weeks before Christmas, and since I had completely forgotten that I wanted one, I had no idea what was in this huge box addressed to me. Come the day after Christmas (when her parents arrived), I went to town on the wrapping and was pretty stunned when I opened it, for two reasons: a) it was a KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head 5qt Stand Mixer (Empire Red) and b) it wasn't something with the New York Yankees logo on it.

I have so far made four things in it (over the course of five days since I first started using it): white bread, pita bread, macaroons and more pita bread.

My parents obviously also checked my Amazon.com wish list and got me the Global G2 20cm Chef's Knife - a fantastic piece of metal, that I have no idea how I've lived without until I got to try it. This thing is so sharp, I'm afraid I'll slice atoms in half, and that can't be good. Or can it? Either way, I'm loving it.

Jacquie gave me a Le Creuset 9" square dish (red) and another 5" dish with that, wonderful!

Yeah - our kitchen will definitely have a lot of red tings in it, considering that's the KitchenAid standard color, as well as the Le Creuset one.

Other food-related loot: a
"multi-purpose chop & lift" blade with measurements on it, a KitchenAid black spatula, some nice hand-painted espresso cups and espresso coffee beans. And a couple of bottles of rum. Rum is food, right?

I also got a subscription to the food magazines Gourmet (from my parents) and Louisiana Cookin' (from Jacquie's parents.)

All in all, a pretty damn fantastic pile of stuff, and while I generally love to give gifts more than receive them, this year was amazing.

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