07 January 2009

Improving the work environment

I brought a pulled pork sandwich to my colleague at work today. Sourdough bread, coleslaw, pulled pork. The result?

Fritz [11:32 AM]:
I believe the word I'd use to describe this sandwich is "heavenly" :P
Fritz [11:32 AM]: Soo good man.
Andreas [11:32 AM]: Oh, you like?
Fritz [11:32 AM]: Yeah it's awesome
Andreas [11:32 AM]: I'm posting that comment in my blog



  1. I told him he would enjoy it. :)

  2. Brings back wonderful memories of the Memphis in May BBQ Festival. My dad was the head cook so we got all of the leftovers. Brisket, pork, this wonderful venison sausage wrapped in bacon that one of our team members made. We never won, but that's not the point, the food was amazing.

  3. Maybe I should bring YOU a sandwich tomorrow.

    Actually, I could :)