22 February 2010

Bread and Blogs and Booty (in the pirate sense)

I just put two batches of dough in the fridge to rise overnight: one to make ciabatta, the other to make cinnamon rolls. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I'll tell you that much. Cinnamon roll recipe to follow, of course.

A cool thing happened today: A good friend of mine was reading an old high school friend's "tweet" (he hates that word) about a food blog she enjoys reading. It just so happens that the blog she was referring to is this one, and it's purely coincidental. She originally came upon it searching for a tzatziki recipe. Pretty cool!

This does make me curious, though! I know I have a pretty steady stream of new readers every day/week/month, yet the comments sections of these posts are pretty empty. Maybe I should just offer a prize - a randomly chosen reader who comments during the month of March gets a...batch of cookies? A cool kitchen gadget? A couple of original recipes before everyone else? We'll see, suggestions are welcome. You may post them in the comments section below (and you won't be winning a prize for it, because it ain't March yet)!


  1. Hey that's me! ;) Love that six degrees of separation theory. Although, I guess this one would be more like...2? or would it be 3? Anyway...

    If there's one thing for certain, people love winning free stuff! You should check out how some other popular bloggers do give-aways for a few ideas.

  2. I believe it might even be 2, but I'm no expert so I will not comment further :P

    People DO love winning free stuff, so I will certainly look into it :)

  3. If you choose the winners at random you risk having someone like me, who likes to eat but frankly knows little about the art of boiling an egg, leaving comments worth less than their weight in gold, which can't be much despite solid gold markets given how low the mass of the average cyberspace comment is, just to win the prize.

    In other words, comments like this one. :)

  4. Well, I sort of want comments more to see who reads my blog, and maybe even why ('cause who would want to read MY blog, you know?). ;)

    Not that comments are THAT valuable, but since I do have a fair share of visitors (even when I'm not updating constantly) and I receive a very small amount of comments, it'd be an interesting experiment to see how many of them would actually comment. Or something like that.